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  • To make the students understand and interpret drawings of machine components so as to prepare assembly drawings either manually and using standard CAD packages.
  • To familiarize the students with Indian Standards on drawing practices and standard components.

  • To be able to understand and handle design problems in a systematic manner.
  • To gain practical experience in handling 2D drafting and 3D modeling software systems.
  • To be able to apply CAD in real life applications.
  • To understand the concepts G and M codes and manual part programming.
  • To expose students to modern control systems (Fanuc, Siemens etc)
  • To know the application of various CNC machines
  • To expose students to modern CNC application machines EDM, EDM wire cut and Rapid Prototyping

The Lab has 60 Nos. of high end desktops connected in LAN, Switch based network for speedy internet access, High end software like CATIA V5R9, Pro-E, IDEAS 9.0, ANSYS 5.7.1, ARENA 10.0, SOLID WORKS 2006, UNIGRAPHICS NX4 (CAD), AND AUTODESK INVENTOR SERIES 5.3.

  • To understand the basic concepts of computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool and CNC programming.

The Lab has Production model CNC lathe and CNC milling machines with CAM simulation softwares like CMAS, Edge CAM 10.75, Unigraphics NX4 (CAM), and Falcon make ROBOT RCS 6.

  • To supplement the principles learnt in kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery.
  • To understand how certain measuring devices are used for dynamic testing.

Dynamics and vibrations laboratory equipped with universal governor, whirling of shaft, gyroscopic couple and other various mechanisms.

  • The student is introduced to the mechanics of fluids through a thorough Understanding of the properties of the fluids. The dynamics of fluids is introduced Through the control volume approach which gives an integrated understanding of the Transport of mass, momentum and energy.
  • The applications of the conservation laws to flow though pipes and hydraulics machines are studied.
  • To supplement the theoretical knowledge gained in Mechanics of Solids with practical testing for determining the strength of materials under externally applied loads. This would enable the student to have a clear understanding of the design for strength and stiffness.
Heat Power Lab

This lab is equipped with natural and forced convection apparatus, Stefan Boltzman apparatus, Pin fin apparatus, Thermal conductivity testing, Emissivity measurement apparatus, Parallel flow and counter flow heat exchangers, Refrigeration &Air conditioning test rig and wind tunnel etc.,

Fuels & Steam Lab

The steam laboratory is equipped with a steam boiler, steam turbine, condenser and cooling tower system which can give the students a glimpse of industrial environment.

Fuels laboratory is equipped with Pensky Martin Apparatus, Say bolt Viscometer, Redwood Viscometer, Orsat Apparatus and Bomb Calorimeter.

Metrology Lab

Metrology laboratory equipped with all precision measuring equipments such as CMM, Autocollimator, Tool makers microscope, Profile projector and Electronic and Pneumatic comparators.

  • To understand the interdisciplinary applications of Electronics, Electrical, mechanicaland Computer Systems for the Control of Mechanical and Electronic Systems.
Internal Combustion Engines Lab.

IC engines laboratory with a fleet of two stroke and four stroke, diesel and petrol engines, single stage and multi stage compressors, constant and variable speed blowers.


To gain hands on experience on working of general purpose machine tools and on various manufacturing processes.

This lab consists of two sections,

1. General purpose machine tools:

Machine shop with conventional lathes, auto, capstan & turret lathes & spl. machines such as Universal milling machine, shapers, planners, grinders with special purpose tools section.

2. Special Purpose machine tools:

This section consists of planning machines, slotting machine, radial drilling machine, Automatic Lathe, Turret and capstan lathe, cylindrical surface grinders, Milling machine and cutter grinder, etc.

This lab is equipped with different shops.

Fitting and Carpentry shop is equipped with various fitting and carpentry devices and tools.

Smithy Shop is equipped with charcoal fired furnaces, power hammers, anvils, different types of sledge hammers, swage blocks, tongs, etc.

Foundry shop has moulding and casting tools and accessories like green sand, mould board, different types of hammers, trowels, types of patterns, etc.

Welding shop has arc welding and gas welding equipments with fitting and bench grinding machines, etc.

I.C Engine 2 stroke and 4 stroke model, 4-stroke Diesel Engine with mechanical & hydraulic loading. Single and Multi-cylinder Petrol Engine, Data Acquisition system.

Slip Gauge Set, Sine Bar, Sine Center, Profile Projector / Tool Makers Microscope, Mechanical / Electrical / Pneumatic Comparator, Temperature, displacement, force, torque and vibration Measuring Setup

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