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Ramanujan’s Mathematician Club

Mathematics Day
Event Organized By Ramanujan’s Club

Date : 22/12/2021

Ramanujan’s club has been conducted by mathematics department. The main purpose of this club is to establish encourage and promotes students, Mathematics talents. It helps accusing and maintains student’s interest in Mathematics and provide the students with opportunities to develop their explorative and qualitative and in venture facilities. We have conducted games, puzzles, quizzes, code breaking, general problem solving blogging podcasting.

Co- Coordinator :
Purushothaman, Asst Professor

In charges :

  • S. Srinivasan, Asst Professor
  • B. Sathish, Asst Professor
  • S. Lavanya, Asst Professor


Mathematics Club was started in the college on 22 december 2016 with the aim of providing opportunities to the students to showcase their mathematical skills.


To explore maths beyond textbooks and apply it in day-to-day situations.


To persuade students use appropriate mathematical language (notation, symbols, terminology) in both oral and written explanations.
To organize seminar, Guest Lecturers, Quiz and Exhibition of Mathematical models


Students should be able to communicate Mathematical ideas, reasoning and findings by sharing their thinking with teachers peers and to examine different problem-solving strategies. Critical reflection in mathematics helps students gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses as learners and to appreciate the value of errors as powerful motivators to enhance learning and understanding

1Applications of Mathematics in Engineering Discipline-Guest Lecture22/12/2016Dr. A. Vijaya kumar Sri Ram Engineering College
2Statistics – guest lecturer27/07/2017Dr. T. Vishwanathan Presidency College
3Maths Quiz competition22/12/2017Dr. V. Choudri RMK CT College of Technology
4Learning to communicate in Mathematics27/07/2018Dr. A.R. Raghavan Dr. Ambedkar Govt Arts College
5Uses of matrices in theoretical computer science22/12/2018Dr. V. MadhuSudanan S.A. Engineering College
6Innovative mathematics-guest lecturer27/07/2019Dr. V. Choudri RMK CT College of Technology
7Maths Quiz competition21/12/2019Dr. T. Vishwanathan Presidency College
8Mathematical modeling and Statistical analysis-FDP27/07/2020Dr. A.R. Raghavan Dr. Ambedkar Govt Arts College
9Maths Quiz competition22/12/2020Dr. V. MadhuSudanan S.A. Engineering College
10Real time applications of Engineering Mathematics27/07/2021Dr. T. Vishwanathan Presidency College
11Mathematics model Exhibition21/12/2021Dr. V. Choudri RMK CT College of Technology

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