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Research Labs

Centers of Excellence (CoE) in various emerging technologies have been established for the benefit of students. The CoEs are the lab facilities for students to develop practical skills in emerging technologies of ‘content beyond syllabus’ and become more industry ready to join the industry working on emerging technologies.

The CoEs provide facilities for students to develop projects and to participate in student competitions conducted by Government and reputed private organizations. They also provide facilities for students to develop innovative products and develop skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship leading them to establish start up companies.

The CoEs also act as Research Labs where students and faculty members can conduct research especially in emerging technologies and publish research papers in conferences and journals. Some research work can be filed for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) like patents, copyrights etc.

The CoEs are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS) CoE
  2. Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) Centre
  3. Full Stack Engineering CoE
  4. Textile Innovation Centre
  5. Cyber Security CoE
  6. eYantra Lab: Embedded Systems and Robotics CoE
  7. CoE for 3D Printing
  8. Research Center for IC Engine

For details on the CoEs, please refer the page on COE in the college website.

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