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The Mechanical Engineering Department was started at the time of inception of the college in 2002. The department offers four years B. E (Mechanical Engineering) and M.E (CAD/CAM) in Mechanical Engineering. The department has a team of highly qualified, dedicated and motivated faculty and well equipped laboratories with facilities for UG and PG Programmes.

The department of mechanical engineering philosophy combines an emphasis on creativity, technology, manufacturing and design methodology with a concern for human values and the needs of society. The department is continuously striving to achieve excellence in education, academic and industrial research.

The department aim to provide the students with a perfect blend of intellectual and practical experiences that helps them to serve our society and address a variety of needs. The department plan academic courses and projects to endow students with the ability to apply knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering, and the capability to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, providing leadership and technical expertise. Research topics focus on industrial needs. The department is vibrant with several activities round the year.

The department has state of the art infrastructure, the classroom, library, modern laboratories and amenities with ample facilities in carrying out practical classes as per academic curriculum and the laboratories caters to needs of students in executing their B.E. and M.E as well as other related research/consultancy services. The department also welcomes students from other departments of the institute as a gesture of support to their time-to-time academic and research needs. Both undergraduates and postgraduates are well placed in leading industries as well as in reputed research institutions of international recognition.


The vision of the department is to impart technical knowledge with the best of teaching, learning and research to become excellent Mechanical Engineers of the Nation.


The Departments mission is to develop employable mechanical engineering graduates with knowledge, skills and ethics; provide them with the professional and soft skills necessary to lead a successful career.

  • Graduates will develop and demonstrate sound knowledge of mechanical and allied engineering in the application of core engineering design principles and techniques to practical engineering problems.
  • Graduates will work as influential members, individually and as part of teams, in their chosen area of professional activity.
  • Graduates endowed with effective communication abilities and practical ingenuity, with full awareness of ethical and social responsibilities.
  • Graduates will be able to model, analyze, design, and realize physical systems, components and processes.
  • Graduates will be familiar with manufacturing process that meets desired specifications and requirements.
  • Graduates will be able to work professionally in both thermal and mechanical systems areas.
  • Graduates will be able to identify, formulate and solve mechanical engineering problems.
  • Graduates will be familiar with modern engineering software tools and equipment to analyze mechanical engineering problems.
  • Graduates will have the confidence and understanding of the manufacturing process layout and planning.
  • Graduates will have the ability to communicate effectively, prepare reports, documentations and presentations.
  • Graduates will be able to understand and investigate complex mechanical engineering problems experimentally.
  • Graduates will have the ability to apply knowledge of engineering and management principles to lead teams and complete the task with minimal resources.
  • Graduates will have the ability to demonstrate and analyse the unconventional processes, automation, robotics, nanotechnology, computer aided design & manufacturing.
  • Graduates from mechanical engineering can stand, visualize, grow and build a bright future for them and society.

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