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Students Project

S.NOREG NO:NAMETitle of the projectResearch Guide/ SupervisorPublication Details
1110822631001ABITHA TData-driven HR and people analyticsDr. L. SubburajUGC Approved journal
2110822631002AISHWARYA TA Study on The Various Employee Welfare Schemes at FMCGDr. L. SubburajUGC Approved journal
3110822631003AKASH SA STUDY ON RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONDr. L. SubburajResearch Paper
4110822631004ARAVIND KUMAR AStudy of materials handling storage package challengeDr. L. SubburajUGC Approved journal
5110822631005CHARITH N PA study on supply chain resilience in times of crisisDr. L. SubburajUGC Approved journal
6110822631006DEEPAK SStudy on investment management.Dr. L. SubburajUGC Approved journal
7110822631007DHANUSHREE RA study on Innovation in Operations Management.Dr. L. SubburajUGC Approved journal
8110822631008DIVYA MA study on employee welfare facilityDr. L. SubburajUGC Approved journal
9110822631009FARZANA BANU SA study on training and developmentDr. L. SubburajUGC Approved journal
10110822631010GANESAN VA study on challenges faced in RecruitmentDr. L. SubburajUGC Approved journal
11110822631011GAYATHRI G UA study on production & process design in organizationDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
12110822631012GOKUL BA study on supply chain resilience in times of crisisDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
13110822631013GOKUL KA study on challenges faced in RecruitmentDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
14110822631014GOPI MA study on inventory management strategiesDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
15110822631015HEMA CHANDRAN BA STUDY ON EMPLOYEES WELFAREDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
16110822631016HEMA MALINI SA study onAnalysis on How Executive Search Firms Find The Right Candidates for Leadership RolesDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
17110822631017INDUMATHY SStudy on investment managementDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
18110822631018JANANI DA study on recruitment and selectionDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
19110822631019JANANI JA Study on job satisfaction in organizationDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
20110822631020JAYA BHARATHI MA study on special issue of production and operation managementDr. S. VimaliUGC Approved journal
21110822631021JAYANTHI KA Detailed Study on Work-Life Balance in a CorporateMrs. TS. PadmajaUGC Approved journal
22110822631023JEEVANANTHAM SA study on Unit finance and corporate financeMrs. TS. PadmajaUGC Approved journal
23110822631024JEEVA PUSHPAM GA Report on Employee Motivation in Retail SectorMrs. TS. PadmajaUGC Approved journal
24110822631025KAMALI PRIYA REffects ofCoping strategies on management stress among the company employeesMrs. TS. PadmajaUGC Approved journal
25110822631026KOWSALYA EStudy on Recruitment and SelectionMrs. TS. PadmajaUGC Approved journal
26110822631027LAKSHMI PRIYA NA Study on working capital managementMrs. TS. PadmajaUGC Approved journal
27110822631028LILLY JESSIE JA study on supply chain resilience in times of crisisMrs. TS. PadmajaUGC Approved journal
28110822631029MADESH AA Detailed Study on Grievance Redressal ProceduresMrs. TS. PadmajaUGC Approved journal
30110822631032MANIMARRAN AA Case Study on Performance Appraisal in the IT SectorMrs. TS. PadmajaUGC Approved journal
31110822631033MUGESH SA study on Training and DevelopmentMs. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
32110822631034MUKESH SA Study on Employee Job Satisfaction.Ms. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
33110822631035MUKESHRAJ YStudy of hrm function & it's implementationMs. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
34110822631036MUTHU KUMARAN MA study of employee welfareMs. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
35110822631038NIVEDHA SAnalysis of Satisfaction Level of Employees in The Telecom SectorMs. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
36110822631039POOJA SStudy on recruitment and selectionMs. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
37110822631040POOJITHA MA study on job satisfactionMs. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
38110822631041PREETHI BA case study on recruitmentMs. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
39110822631042PRIYADHARSHNI VA STUDY ON TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENTMs. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
40110822631043RAHUL M AStudy on Logistics and Distribution ManagementMs. Sweetlin Jenisha.EUGC Approved journal
41110822631044RAJA DURAI RStudy on employee welfare measuresMs. Karthika. MUGC Approved journal
42110822631045RAMA MA Study on Training and selectionMs. Karthika. MUGC Approved journal
43110822631046RUBINI BStudy on Just in Time and its implementationMs. Karthika. MUGC Approved journal
44110822631047RUTHRESH VA Study on The Various Employee Welfare Schemes at FMCGMs. Karthika. MUGC Approved journal
45110822631048SAKTHI AA Study on Employer BrandingMs. Karthika. MUGC Approved journal
46110822631049SANGEETHA AA study on Recruitment and selectionMs. Karthika. MUGC Approved journal
47110822631050SANJAY SStudy on Employer Branding Strategies in Struggling Companies in HRMs. Karthika. MUGC Approved journal
48110822631051SINDHU MATHI PA Study on employee RelationMs. Karthika. MUGC Approved journal
49110822631052SRI LEKHA SA study on global trends in operations managementMs. Karthika. MUGC Approved journal
50110822631053SUDAR MATHI MA study on recruitment and selection processMs. Viashnavi.PUGC Approved journal
51110822631054SUDHAKAR SA study on Service Operations ManagementMs. Viashnavi.PUGC Approved journal
52110822631055SUMAIYA PARVEEN AStudy on recruitment and selectionMs. Viashnavi.PUGC Approved journal
53110822631056SYED ATTAULLA AA study on Recruitment and selectionMs. Viashnavi.PUGC Approved journal
54110822631057TABU M SSTUDY ON QUALITY CONTROL AND SIX SIGMAMs. Viashnavi.PUGC Approved journal
55110822631058TAMIL PRIYAN CEthical issues in operation managementMs. Viashnavi.PUGC Approved journal
56110822631059VIJAY MA Study on Agile Project Management With Reference to IT CompanyMs. Viashnavi.PUGC Approved journal
57110822631060VIJI DA study on human resource management in operationsMs. Viashnavi.PUGC Approved journal
1JAISRI. B110821631013A study on employee training and development
2SHEBA PRICILLA. B110821631049A study on employee engagement practise with special reference to the hindu newspaper private limited
3KISHORE. U110821631024A study on job satisfaction of employees with reference to allwin technologies & services, chennai
4DEBORAAH. BS110821631006A study on marketing modes in promotion of brand loyalty with reference to domain2host, chennai
5DINESH KUMAR. R110821631007A study on employee welfare measures with special reference to bescal steel industries private limited
6SHAPNAM MARZIYA. M110821631048A comparative analysis of auto parts manufacturing companies: assessing performance, evaluating industry trends, operational efficiency, strategies and competitive advantages
7YOGESHWARI. R110821631057A study on successful leading business women entrepreneur in tiruvallur
8PRIYA. A110821631040A study on the major factors contributing workplace absenteeism with special reference to butker leather goods factory pvt ltd
9JANET JANCY. J110821631014A study on warehouse management with reference tp praveen road lines
10VANITHA. PY110821631054A study on the working capital management reliance jio
11SWETHA. S 110821631053A study on ratio analysis in sp engineers autotech india private limited
12MANIMARAN. M110821631031A study on improving the joining ratio of job seekers at visionsoft technologies
13JOHN DHARSHAN. S110821631017A study on input tax credit in vakilsearch
14MAHAA LAKSHMI. A110821631029A comparative study on analysis of job satisfaction in sugar and confectionery industries of lotte india pvt ltd and aswins home special
1RAGHUL. K110819631022A study on stress management at HCL enterprise
2PRITHIVIRAJ. S110820631033A study on career preferences of arts and science undergraduates in chennai with reference to simho HR sevices private limited, chennai
3DINESH KUMAR. S110820631006A study on effectiveness of inbound and outbound warehouse operations at freighterix cargo solutions private limited
4MUKESH KUMAR. A110820631025A study on warehouse management of sathya agencies private limited
5GOPINATH. K110820631011A study on export documentation and clearance procedure with reference to flyton xpress
6PACHAYAPPAN VIDYA110820631029A study on an analysis of the retire insurance equity pension funds at chennai
7SOLOMON PRABHU. R110820631901A satudy on employees attrition at bajaj allianz life insurance company company limited
8KOUSALYA. S110820631022A study on employer branding in startup companies at the innoppl technologies private limited
9CHANDIYA. R110820631003A study on importance of induction process at signware technologies
10GAYATHRI. M110820631008A study on stress management at dignit innovations
11PAVITHRA. R110820631030A study on effectiveness of training and development at big bazaar (future value retail limited), chennai
12KAMALI. S110820631018A study on effectivenss of health and safety measures oif employees at ambattur tapstia engineering consortium private limited
13GAYATHRI. P110820631009A study on performance appraisal system at sri velan creation
14SAI VIGNESHWAR. L110820631038A study on inventory management and budgetary control system at POCL, chetput, chennai
1110819631003Aradhana kumariA study on the evaluation of training programme in NAANDI foundation
2110819631006Gomathi .GA study on financial planning and forecasting towards NAVIYN machine tools
3110819631008Hari Krishnan .RA study on effect of organisational climate on job satisfaction at STUDECH technologies India
4110819631010Jayavardhini .MA study on quality of worklife towards the organisation development in GRUPO ANTOLIN
5110819631012Kowsalya .AA study on employee empowerment at VALGEN INFOSYSTEM
6110819631014Lavanya .VA study on effectiveness of employee retention at LUCAS-TVS PADI
7110819631022Raghul .KA study on stress management at HCL enterprise
8110819631023Ranjitha .LA study on various investment and mutual funds in BIRLA SUNLIFE asset management company ltd
9110819631024Sajin .S.PA study on behaviour of equity shares with reference to BSE at JRG securities pvt ltd
10110819631026Santharaj .GA study on employee engagement activities at BIG BAZAAR
11110819631027Sharmila .MA study on effectiveness of training programme at FIRST SOURCE pvt ltd
12110819631028Sharumathi .VA study on financial evolution and competitive analysis in LARSEN AND TOUBRO ltd
1110817631001Aravindan .SA study on capital budgeting with reference of SUNDRAM CLAYTON
2110817631002Askin grace .RA study on inventory management at LUCAS TVS
3110817631004Bhuvanesh .VA study on financial performance analysis of AUDCO India ltd
4110817631005Datchayini .GA study on effectiveness of employee training programme with referece to LUCAS TVS
5110817631006Devaraj .RA study on the growth of derivatives in India with special reference to VJB financial services ltd
6110817631009Hariharan .AA study on effectiveness of employees recruitment process TAFE ltd
7110817631010Induja .MA study on satisfaction level of employee welfare in DAECHANG India seat co pvt ltd
8110817631027Revathy. SA study on employee spiritual intelligence and its impact on organization effectiveness with reference to AMBATTUR FASHION India pvt ltd
9110817631015Mahalakshmi .GA study on employees perception towards recruitment process in HYUNDAI MOTOR India ltd
10110817631027Sharmila .MA study on effectiveness of training programme at FIRST SOURCE pvt ltd
11110817631044Sumithra.KA study on impact of knowledge management in employee performance with reference to TAFE ACCESS pvt ltd
12110817631045Sumithra .NA study on employee perception towards recruitment process in CAPLIN STERILES ltd
1110816631013Kennedy.J.EA study on organizational culture among employees in INTEGRAL coach factory
2110816631014Lakshmi priya .SA study on employee engagement in FOREDOT systems , Chennai
3110816631019Parthasarathy .SA study on workplace ergonomics in TUBE products of India
4110816631022Rajashree .RA study of induction on employee commitment in INTELENET global services
5110816631023Rakesh kumar .RA study on customer relationship management for a recruitment consulting firm – KRG technologies
6110816631025Ramya .RA study on employee motivation in covenant consultants
7110816631027Santhosh kumar .BA study on financial performances analysis in TI CYCLES MURUGAPPA groups
8110816631031Sindushree .RA study on quality of worklife among employees in NAANDI foundation
9110816631032Sree vidhya .TA study on capital budgeting in precicut laser
10110816631034Sumanraj .RA study on cash management in REYNOLDS pens India pvt ltd
11110816631036Uma mageswari .MA study on budgetary control in BAMLER LAWRIE &
12110816631038Vasantha lakshmi .NA study on recruitment and selection process in convenant consultants
1110815631002Asha .AA study on capital structure in NAMO packing solution private limited
2110815631009Dinesh kumar .HA study of inventory management in HI-TECH air power private limited
3110815631010Gayathri .PA study of liquidity, profitability and solvency analysis of TIDC India limited
4110815631014Mamtha .SA study on Leverage and profitability positions at TUBE investment diamond chains India
5110815631016Manju .MA study on financial performance evaluation in Tiruvallur cooperative URBAN bank ltd
6110815631020Renita Nathan .AA study on employees motivation at EASUN-(MR) tap changers-Thiruninravur
7110815631021Roshini VargheseA study on liquidity ratio and trend analysis of public fund in HEAVY vehicles factory , Avadi, Chennai
8110815631023Shalini .KA study on capital structure analysis in NURAY chemicals pvt ltd
9110815631026Sivalingam .RA study on customer perception towards led lights with reference to INDO MIKASA GREEN LIGHT pvt ltd , Chennai

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