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R & D IPR Objective

IPR Objective

The objectives of this Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Policy are to:

  1. Create a conducive environment in JEC for development of IPs.
  2. Provide a single window reference system for all the activities relating to IP generated through various activities carried out inside and outside on behalf of IPs.
  3. Safeguard the inventor’s intellectual property and provide incentives to the investors with fair IP management and culture.
  4. Provide legal support, wherever necessary / possible, to defend and protect the intellectual property rights obtained by the JEC against any infringement/ unauthorized use.
  5. Ensure that once the Inventors decide to explore the prospects of commercialization of IP, Inventors must disclose the same to the Institute, while continuing to keep the information confidential while / until patent application(s) is (are) being processed.
  6. Enable JEC to make beneficial implementation of such developed IPs for the benefit of the inventors, the College, and the Nation at large.


S.NoTitle of PatentInventor NameCo- Inventor NameDept
1Design and Improvement of Solo Jet Nozzle and Investigation of its short staple yarn formationDr.R.LoganathanDr.S.RajendranTextile
2Design and development of Vehicle for armless differently-abled personsDr.V.ChokkalingamDr.S.RajendranMr. N.MurugesanMech
Mr. K. GanesanMr. R.Kasilingam
Mr. M. Raghu
Mr. V. SivabalanMr. T.Paramaguru
Mr MadhanMr. L.Sunilkumar
3Visual Analysis of Crime HotspotsMr M.kumaranDr S.RajendranDeepika GCSE
Boomica U
4Handwritten Text Recognition From Image Using Deep LearningDr V.Seetha DeviDr S.RajendranKarthick SIT
Jaydeep Krishna BSurya Prakash P
5E-Bi-Cycle with Intelligent controlling systemDr T.Ram MohanDr S.RajendranSaravanan.SECE
6Improved animal feed composition and methods of preparation of millet with oil seed cake for increase, enhance in the weight of animal with special reference to cow, buffalo.Dr .L. SubburajDr S.RajendranMBA

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