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Activities of R & D


  • To Promote Research and Research Projects including Multidisciplinary, Research Papers Publication/Presentation in referred journals.
  • To establish links with different industries, R&D organizations, which provide funding for research activities..
  • To collaborate with institutions of higher learning in India for Joint research projects
  • To work towards the establishment of the Institution as R & D centre.
  • To develop modules for staff development and to support to do Ph.D.Conduct of skill development programme for the benefit of staff members to acquire knowledge for quality paper presentation
  • Encouraging the faculty members to submit proposals on thirst area to various funding agencies like AICTE, DST, CSIR, ISRO etc. and the quality and content pertaining to the focus area are verified and recommendations are given before the submission of the proposals to various agencies
  • Providing data regarding Research, Consultancy and Extension to, NAAC, NIRF.
  • Advising the eligible departments to apply for Research Center under Anna University.
  • Advising the faculty members to publish their research work only in web of science/Scopus indexed journals, since they are having 45% credit in NIRF ranking.
  • Organizing various R&D related seminars / workshops to faculty members in general / domain specific for their respective departments
  • Journal Review Committee is constituted to review the originality and quality of the publications made by the faculty and incentives are given to the faculty members. The frequency of the review committee assessment is once in six months.
  • Publication by the faculty members are privileged in the college common functions
  • Recommendations are made to the management to sanction the financial assistance for the faculty members who are presenting papers in the international conferences in India / Abroad.

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