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About the Department

Department of Physics was established in the year 1995 during the inception of Jaya Engineering College. The department has well trained teaching faculty along with laboratory facilities to facilitate higher education for B.E and B.Tech students of the college in the field of engineering physics focusing current areas of interest.

The department is constantly endeavors to provide a clear understanding to the technical curriculum of engineering students with the main aspect of engineering physics being to educate about the need of physics in various engineering applications. With this perception, the faculty aims to train everyone to have proper exposure in the laboratory experiments too.

Physics Department is regularly organizing seminars and guest lectures by eminent professors and scientists from various institutions for the benefit of students to have exposure in various fields of science, engineering and technology. The department is also actively involved in organizing student paper presentations and quiz programmes.


The department endeavors to

  • Provide solid foundation in the fundamentals of physics to students.
  • Prepare students for higher level learning in Engineering and Technology.
  • Provide basic research ideas leading to Ph.D programmes in different engineering fields.
  • Offers its own course to complement programmes of other disciplines.

The department is committed to

  • Quality teaching through experienced faculty with well equipped laboratory.
  • Initiate self learning in laboratory classes.
  • Organize periodical seminars to create awareness of the latest trends in Science and Technology.
  • Update the knowledge of staff through faculty development programmes.
  • Sustain basic research and participate at the research centre established in the college.
Faculty Profile


Course Material

The department is providing its own course material to first year B.E. and B.Tech students for the papers “Engineering Physics-I” and “Engineering Physics-II” offered by Anna University, Chennai. The paper includes Crystal Physics, Thermal Physics, Quantum Physics, Ultrasonics, Lasers, Fiber Optics, Conducting Materials, Semiconducting Materials, Magnetic Materials, Modern Engineering Materials, Nano Materials and so on.

Laboratory Facilities

Physics Laboratory is well equipped with basic and modern instruments such as spectrometers, microscopes, ultrasonic interferometers, lasers, optical fibers etc to carry out practical classes for the first year BE and B.Tech students as per the Anna University, Chennai syllabus. The laboratory is spacious enough to accommodate more than 60 students to do practical at a stretch. The laboratory is left open for the students with additional facilities to carry out innovative project works apart from the regular practical classes.

Total worth of equipments for practical purposes: Rs.5,00,000/-

The students are trained in the following laboratory experiments to enhance their practical skills.

  • Air wedge
  • Youngs modulus uniform bending
  • Youngs modulus non-uniform bending
  • Band gap semiconductor
  • Torsion pendulum
  • Ultrasonic interferometer
  • Spectrometer Prism
  • Spectrometer Grating
  • Laser
  • Lees disc

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