Approved by AICTE, New Delhi

Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai

A Telugu Minority Institute





NoLab NameBrief DescriptionEquipments Details
1Aircraft Structures Lab - IAim: To study the different load acting on the structureApparatus: Beam test apparatus, Cantilever Beam, Column test apparatus, Strain gauge test setup
2Aircraft Structures Lab - IIAim: To study the different load acting on the structureApparatus: Shear centre open section, Shear centre close section, Unsymmetrical bending, Wagner Beam, Combined loading setup, Polariscope, Tele Microscope, Oblique incidence
3Propulsion LabAim: To study the behavior air flow of engineApparatus: Axial cascade compressor with manometer, Bomb calorimeter, Natural convection apparatus, Forced convection apparatus
4Aero Engine and Airframe LabAim: To disassembly and carry out inspection on various engine components and to training on riveting, patchwork welding and carpentryApparatus: Turbojet engine, Piston engine , Apparatus: Shear cutter, Drilling Machine, Bench Vices, Radius Bend bars, Pipe Flaring Tools, MIG & TIG Welding machine, Composite bay
5Aerodynamics LabAim: To study the air flow behavior and properties around aerofoilApparatus: Low speed wind tunnel, Water flow channel, Helesha apparatus
6Aircraft Systems LabAim: To study different system of aircraftApparatus: Piston engine aircraft (HT-2), Jet Fighter (Foland Gnat)
7Flight Integration Systems & Control LabAim: To study various avionics system and their data transfer technique in aircraftApparatus: Microprocessor 8085, CRO, LED Display, Digital IC Trainer Kit,
8Computer Aided Simulation LabAim: To study various designing software for aircraft designApparatus: 35 systems with CAD/CAM, CATIA, PRO-E, ANSYS
9Aircraft Design Project - IAim: To introduce and develop the basic concept of aircraft design.Apparatus: 35 systems with CAD/CAM, CATIA, PRO-E, ANSYS (Structure and Flow)
10Aircraft Design Project -IIAim: To enhance the knowledge in continuation of the design.Apparatus: 35 systems with CAD/CAM, CATIA, PRO-E, ANSYS(Structure and Flow)
11CAD and Aircraft Component DrawingTo train the students to design and draw various aircraft components, systems and 3D view of aircraft etcApparatus: 30 systems with CAD/CAM, CATIA