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Students Welfare Committees

CONVENOR : Dr.E. Kaliappan, Vice Principal and Professor & HOD/EEE

S.NoName of the CommitteeCoordinators/Conveners /MembersResponsibilities


Co-ordination Committee
Dr.E.Kaliappan,Vice Principal and Prof and HoD/EEE Coordinator
Mr.Bharathi Mohan, Assoc Prof/CSE Members
Mr.P.Selvam, AP/EEE
Mr.R.Narayanan, AP/ECE
Mr.Balamurugan, AP/Civil
Ms.Meenakshi, AP/EIE
Mr.R.Balan, AP/Aero
Ms.Poomani, AP/MCA
Ms.Lakshmi Devi, AP/MBA
Mr.M.Prakash, AP/Text
Mr.S.Shankar Ganesh, AP/IT
Mr.R.Kasilingam, AP/Mech
Mr.Purushothaman, AP/S&H
1. Weekly report,
2. Internal marks calculation,
3. Result analysis,
4. Academic calendar,
5. Monthly report,
6. Daily test monitoring,
7. Feedback collection (students& staff),
8. Monitoring the daily attendance


Campus Maintenance committee
Dr.Shanmuganathan Prof/Aero, Coordinator
Ms.Seetha Devi, Assoc Prof/IT, Coordinator
Mr.V.PremSangeeth, AP/EEE Members
Mr.A.Manimaran, AP/CSE
Mr.Lokesh, AP/ Mech
Ms.Mini, AP/IT
Mr.Rajan Daniel, AP/MBA
Mr.Seethapathy, AP/Aero
Mr.RajaMoorthy, AP/ECE
Mr.Jino, AP/Civil
Mr.D.Kamal Raj, AP/Textile
Mr.Murugesan, AP/Chemistry
A maximum of 10 students (1 student from each department)
1. Maintenance of cleanliness in classrooms,
2. Hostel maintenance (boys & girls),
3. RO water facility,
4. Monitoring of cleanliness in common areas.


Hostel Students(Boys & Girls) Welfare Committee
Prof Santhana Krishnan, Prof, S&H, Coordinator(Boys)
Ms.Kalarani, Assoc Prof/EIE, Coordinator(Girls)
All the Head of the Department and Faculty Members
Hostel Warden (Boys & Girls)
Hostel Boys and Girls (Maximum of 10)
1. Internet Facility in the evening
2. Common Study hour
3. Monitoring the activities of the Hostel Students
4. Tutor Facility
5. Maintenance of cleanliness in hostel
6. Maintenance of common facilities
7. To interact with students on a regular basis


Canteen Committee
Dr.Ram Mohan, Prof/ECE Coordinator
Mr.Nagaraj, Assoc Prof/Textile Coordinator
Ms.Jeba Christla, AP/EEE Members
Mr.Mohan Raj, AP/Aero
Mr.RajaMoorthy, AP/ECE
Ms.Kuzhali, AP/Mech
Ms.Geetha, AP/IT
Mr.SamKamalesh, AP/CSE
Mr.V.Prem Kumar, AP/EIE
Ms.Shanthi, AP/S&H
Ms.Pradeepa, AP/Civil
Ms.Chitra, AP/MBA
5 Students(Boys & Girls) – Hostel
5 Students(Boys & Girls) – Day scholar
Canteen Manager
1. Monitoring the quality of food provided in the day scholars canteen and also in the hostel.
2. Maintenance of canteen
3. Availability of pure drinking Water
4. Monitoring the daily menu for hostel students
5. Collection of feedback from hostel students
on the quality of food
6. Monitoring the canteen and
Cafeteria (2 No’s) timings.
7. Conduct surprise visit to the Canteen Kitchen to check the hygiene.


Disciplinary Committee
Mr.Kumaran, Assoc Prof/CSE Coordinator
Mr.Prem Kumar, AP/EEE Members
Mr.Benny Thompson, AP/Aero
Mr.Anithpathy, AP/ECE
Mr.NazeerAhamed, AP/Civil
Ms.Kalaivani, AP/EIE
Mr.Ganesan, AP/Mech
Mr.Alangaram, AP/IT
Mr.Charlesprabhu, AP/CSE
Mr.Shanmugam, AP/Textile
Dr.Sabeen, AP/MCA
Mr.JagathalaPradhaban, AP/MBA
Mr.Varadharajan, AP/S&H
Mr.Ramesh Kumar, PD
1. Monitoring the late comers
2. Monitoring the dress code
3. Informing to the head of the


Anti Ragging Committee
Dr.K.Vijayaraghavan, Principal, Coordinator
Dr.E.Kaliappan, Vice Principal, Prof&HoD/EEE
Ms.G.Kalarani, Assoc Pro/EIE Members
Dr.J.Jeba Malar TamilSelvi, Prof/CSE
Mr.Veera Kumar, Assoc Prof/ECE
Mr.Rajendran, AP/Mech
Mr.T.Bhaskar, Non-Teaching Faculty
1. To maintain discipline in the campus and to ensure the implementation of guidelines/ order issued by AICTE/UGC/University/
Govt. in order to prevent ragging in the Campus


Exam monitoring committee

Mr.SanthanaKrishnan, Prof/S&H Coordinator
All the head of the department
1. They are required to report the
irregularities/anomalies if any to the Exam Cell Coordinator
2. Ensure smooth conduct of Exams
3. Should verify the answer papers of the students to ensure fair evaluation of the papers by the subject staff. (should be done
after the model exam)
4. Monitor the daily test. Conduct surprise checks as a team.


Time Table Committee
Dr.E.Kaliappan, Vice Principal, Prof/EEE Coordinator
Mr.V.PremSangeeth, AP/EEE Members
Ms.Sujatha, AP/ECE
Ms.UmaRani, AP/CSE
Ms.Kuzhali, AP/Mech
Mr.Bharath Raj, AP/Aero
Ms.Chandravadhanam, AP/EIE
Mr.Prakash, AP/Textile
Mr.Saravanan, AP/Civil
Ms.Thilagarani, AP/IT
Ms.Poomani, AP/MCA
Ms.Lakshmi Devi, AP/MBA
Ms.VaniBerlina, AP/S&H
1. To Prepare the time table in accordance with the academic calendar for all the departments


Website and College Notice Board Updating Committee
Dr.Kesavan, AssocProf/MCA Coordinator
Mr.Senthil, System Admin Members
Mr.Murugesan, System Admin
Mr.Gopala Krishnan, System Admin
Mr.Gokula Kannan, AP/IT
Ms.Jeyasree, AP/IT
Mr.Sathyanathan, AP/EEE
Ms.Kavitha, AP/CSE
Ms.Jhonsi, AP/ECE
Ms.Bhuvaneshwari, AP/Civil
Ms.Saranya, AP/MBA
Ms.JasphinJeni, AP/MCA
Mr.Jeysingh, AP/Aero
Mr.Ganesan, AP/Mech
Ms.VeenaSindhuja, AP/Textile
Mr.Bharath Kumar, AP/EIE
Ms.Suganya, AP/S&H
Ms.Samiya, AP/S&H
1. Shall be responsible for all portal related activities
2. Should publish all the important activities of all the departments like seminar, workshop, Symposium, FDP, etc.
3. Should update the college website at least once in a semester


R&D Committee
Dr.E.Kaliappan, Vice Principal, Prof/EEE Coordinator
Dr.Shanmuganathan Prof/Aero Members
Mr.Arul, Assoc Prof/Civil
Mr.Kumaran, Assoc Prof/CSE
Dr.J.Jeba Malar TamilSelvi, Prof/CSE
Dr.Ram Mohan, Prof/ECE
Ms.G.Kalarani, Assoc Pro/EIE
Dr.Guruswamy, Prof/Mech
Ms.SeethaDevi, Assoc Prof,/IT
Mr.Nagarajan, Assoc Prof/Textile
Dr.Kesavan, AssocProf/MCA
Dr.Sabeen, AP/MCA
Mr.SanthanaKrishnan, Prof/S&H
Dr.MukunthaManikandan, Prof/Physics
1. To undertake consultancy and R&D work
2. To get Tie-up with industries
3. To get fund from external agencies for organizing events in the college and for carrying out projects


Examination Committee
Dr.JebaMalarTamilSelvi, Prof/ CSE Coordinator
Mr.Narayanan, AP/ECE Co-Coordinator
Mr.Jaya Prakash, AP?ECE Members
Mr.RameshBabu, AP/EIE
Mr.AmoseDinakaran, AP/EEE
Mr.LinEby Chandra, AP/CSE
Ms.Pavithra, AP/CSE
Mr.Karthik Raja, AP/Civil
Ms.Kanmani, AP/Textile
Mr.Jeyan, AP/Mech
Mr.Rajan Daniel, AP/MBA
Ms.Anitha, AP/S&H
Mr.Siva Kumar, AP/Chemistry/S&H
Mr.Kannan, AP/Maths
Mr.Mohan Raj, AP/Aero
Ms.Vigneshwari, AP/IT
1. Should conduct the cycle test, Model exams, University practical and theory exams as given in the academic calendar
and Anna university notifications
2. Should record the attendance details of the absentees for the exams and inform the HoDs concerned
3. To allocate equal number of duties (internal and external duty) to all the faculty members


Training and Placement

Dr.Yuvaraman, Placement Incharge Coordinators
All the department placement coordinators
1. Should arrange intensive training for placement for the pre final year students
2. Training in soft skills, aptitude, technical and communication skills.(using the internal faculty members)
3. Mock interviews to students to face the interview
4. Conduct refresher course for pre final year students.
5. To arrange for value added course for the students with internal faculty who are expert in some courses.


Transport committee
Mr.M.Ravi, Prof/Maths Coordinator
Dr.R.Kesavan, Prof/MCA Coordinator
Mr.Anandha Raja, Assoc Prof/MBA Co-Coordinator
Ms.Kanagavalli, AP/EEE Members
Ms.Shailaja, AP/ECE
Mr.Balan, AP/Aero
Mr.Jino, AP/Civil
Mr.Mukundhan, Assoc Prof/CSE
Mr.Jeyan, AP/Mech
Mr.Shankar Ganesh, AP/IT
Ms.Gnanambigai, AP/Maths
Ms.ArulMozhi, AP/Chemistry
Mr.Bharath Kumar, AP/EIE
Ms.Jemi Gold, AP/MCA
Maximum of 10 students from day scholars
1. Arrange transport facility for students and Staff members
2. Maintenance of buses
3. Collection of feedback from students and staff members
4. Conducting meetings/trainings for bus drivers


Sports and Cultural Committee
Mr.Kumaran, Assoc Prof/CSE Coordinator
Mr.Arul, Assoc Prof/Civil Coordinator
Mr.SundarRaj, AP/EEE
Mr.CharlesPrabhu, AP/CSE
Mr.Sundaresan, AP/CSE
Ms.Geetha, AP/IT
Mr.Anwar, AP/IT
Mr.Kevin Bennett, AP/Aero
Mr.Saravanan, AP/EIE
Ms.Sujatha, AP/ECE
Mr.Anithpathy, AP/ECE
Mr.Jino, AP/Civil
Ms.Nandhini, AP/EIE
1. Annual Sports meet, Events – Intra and Inter sports activities, Annual day and cultural activities


Students Scholarship and Welfare Committee
r.Guruswamy, Prof/Mech Coordinator
Mr.Seethapathy, AP/Aero Members
Ms.Rajasree, AP/EEE
Mr.Santhosh, AP/ECE
Ms.Vanisree, AP/IT
Ms.Bhuvaneshwari, AP/Civil
Ms.Meenakshi, AP/EIE
Mr.Kasilingam, AP/Mech
Ms.VeenaSindhuja, AP/Textile
Mr.Anandha Raja, AP/MBA and MCA
A maximum of 10 students (1 student from each department)
1. Distribution of BC, MBC, SC/ST scholarship to the deserving candidates.
2. SC Scholars fees Refund
3. Renewal of Scholarship details.
4. Students Library facility
16.Students counseling cellDr.E.Kaliappan, Vice Principal, Prof/EEE
Mr.Santhana Krishnan, Professor, Physics Ms.G.Kalarani,Assoc. Professor, EIE Mr.Kumaran ,Assoc.Professor,CSE
1. The role of a Counsellor is to offer support to the students to deal with a wide range of concerns be it academic, personal, emotional, family or peer related through Counselling.
2. Counsellor should meet the students and their parents as and when needed.
3. The process is confidential except in a condition where disclosure is necessary to protect you or another person or abide by the institute policy.
17.Women Empowerment cellDr.Jebamalar Tamil selvi,Prof/CSE Ms.G.Kalarani,Assoc.Professor,EIE Ms.V.Seetha Devi,Assoc.Professor,IT 1. Educate the established
(teaching and Non
Teaching) and the students’ community towards gender sensitization.
2.Provide 24 hour helpline and helpdesk 3.counselling service for both hostellers and day scholar
18.Entrepreneurs cellMr.L.Nagaraj, Assoc.Professor,Textile Mr.G.Bharathi Mohan, Assoc.Professor, Mr.Arul,Assoc.Prof/Civil1. To provide a support system for technocrats and entrepreneurs
2. To promote self employment and entrepreneurship among students as an attractive and viable career option.
19.Grievance Redressal cellDr.E.Kaliappan. Prof &HoD/EEE and Vice Principal Convener
Dr.Jebamalar Tamilselvi, Member
Mr.Santhana Krishnan Prof, S&H
Ms.Kalarani, Assoc.Prof, EIE
To have a healthy working atmosphere amongst staff, students and parents. This cell should help the staff students and. parents to record ' their complaints and solve their problems related to academic, resources and personal grievances. Complain boxes can be installed.

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