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Social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr are the great technologies, When used appropriately it is nice to have, but can be abused very easily and there are consequences of that abuse. The consequences of misusing social networks can damage a student’s chances for their career and hinder their social life.
Most of the students do not misuse the social network sites intentionally, but few people those who do not unaware of the risks they are taking. If the students simply only add friends that they know and keep their profiles set to private, they’re reasonably safe. The Social network default privacy settings are not for everyone, the service allows users to customize their settings. The students must customize the privacy settings to avoid unnecessary problems.
The Students are advised not to misuse the social networks such as the college name and interacting related to the college activity, misusing the name of the faculty, exchanging photos which hinder others, threat of physical harm or general conduct which threatens the mental health of any person, written harassment, which is beyond the bounds, Disorderly conduct including but not limited to public intoxication, lewd, indecent or obscene behavior or intentional and unintentional disruption of lawful activities of the college. Those who violate the above said norms will be severely dealt with, if necessary legal action will be also taken against those who are involved in these activities.


Dear Parent,
Greetings to you and your family members!
You are an important person for our College. With hard earned money you are paying fees to the College for getting good education to your son/daughter.
With the inspiring management, our dedicated faculty members are giving high quality education to all our students. We see a family behind every student. We take special efforts to improve the performance of your ward in the exams. Hence we seek your co-operation in conducting special classes for your son/daughter, since he/she has not performed well in University and College examinations. Hence it is decided to conduct special classes for your son/daughter from 04.00 pm to 07.00 pm on all working days (Monday to Friday only).
The special classes are benefiting lot of students. However if your ward is coming to college from long distance and difficult to reach home after attending the special classes in time, it is proposed to admit your ward in the hostel for a period of three months and give special coaching so that your ward will perform well in the University examinations.
We seek your fullest co-operation.

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